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Sisal Soap Saver

Sisal Soap Saver

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Good job! You've switched to bar soap instead of "big box" soap that is dispensed from plastic containers as one step towards a more natural and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Consider a soap saver to store your beloved soap. Simply insert soap (most soaps 7 oz. or less in size fit well) and use as a washcloth if you wish while keeping the soap inside the bag. Or, use to extend the life of your soap by placing soap in bag after use, hanging on your faucet or placing on your favorite soap dish. These are very handy for camping, the gym and travel!

Exfoliation - The soap saver bag is great for exfoliation or massage. The friction creates a rich foam on the skin, releases dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation.

Drawstring Design - The cotton drawstring allows you to hang the soap sponge in your shower or bathtub faucet to dry and keep your soap close at hand for the next application.

Natural Material - Sisal is a natural fiber, a traditional material that cleans and exfoliates your skin but is delicate enough to not be abrasive.

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